This article aims to provide an insight into India travel. This place is really beautiful and it is worth spending time over here. Van Vihar is just a few steps away from Manali Mall Road and includes recreational activities like boating, swings for kids and adults, river crossing, bungee jumping, bahma bridge but the main thing for which people visit this place is for getting eternal peace while sitting in the lap of Beas river and amazing Manali mountains. The day had finally come, as we drove out of Melbourne heading west towards the other side of the Continent. We travelled to Geelong ( Victoria’s second largest city) and then headed for the coast to travel along the famous but treacherous Great Ocean Road. A 300 km winding road that clings to the coastline, twisting and turning, with every bend revealing a sight more spectacular than the last. We only stopped now and then to take photos of the 12 Apostles and the London Bridge. The road continued on towards Warrnambool, which was our next stop for the night. After a good nights sleep at a friends farm, we got back on the road and headed for Halls Gap, about 180 km’s away in the Grampians.

Besides natural beauty and exotic wildlife, tours to India also offer a peek into the rich cultural and architectural heritage of India. India abounds with various ancient and medieval monuments and World Heritage Sites that speak volumes about India’s glorious heritage. The symbol of eternal love-Taj Mahal, Dravidian temples of South India, magnificent forts and palaces of Rajasthan and rock-cut travel insurance caves of Ajanta and Ellora are some of the most frequented sites in India. We planned five days for our trip, which allowed us ample time to explore the lakes by boat, relax in camp, do some hiking and fishing, and spend two nights on Rose Lake. The day we spent there was very windy, so we were glad not to have to paddle. That evening, the wind died down, and we enjoyed a sunset canoe.