The world is a vast, amazing place filled with different cultures and ethnicity’s. Try Camping – Hotels cost a lot of money. You can stay at a campground for a fraction of the cost and enjoy a night under the stars. Many stores sell inexpensive camping sets for the beginning camper. I absolutely love traveling. My favorite part of traveling is staying in hotels because it always marks a fresh beginning to an adventure. I enjoy being at airports. People are typically happy and friendly. I do believe traveling is an educator. Basically, learning how to plan the trip and travel insurance navigate the terrain elevates your consciousness. I enjoyed reading your article. It reminds me of all the things I enjoy about traveling. I visited Nepal in 2005 and we took a car from Kathmandu to Pokhara along the Prithvy Highway! It was brilliant fun, busy as the busiest highway but twice as slow with Tata lorries broken down all over the place! I adore Nepal and have a frind with his own travel and trek company in Kathmandu. I’m going back next year as I’m organising a charity trek in the Himalaya. Love your lens by the way it captures the essence that is Nepal.