Explore the wild and untouched beauty of Zimbabwe, go rafting on the Andes or explore the Thai forest on elephant back. A few days before our trip, COVID-19 was declared a global outbreak and most states were taking preventive actions such as suspending face to face classes, travel restrictions, raising awareness about wearing a mask and using hand sanitizers. Disney world had also closed temporarily. We were very confused if we should continue with our plan or not. If we were to cancel our plan, it would have cost us $500 atleast as we had purchased non-refundable tickets. Also at that time, no one was taking this condition “seriously”. It is better to be prepared than never. Always remember that you are traveling alone, therefore there is no one to easily ask help from incase something urgent comes up during the trip. Additional Recommended Transportation- If you’re traveling solo and don’t mind riding on the back of a moped or motorcycle try GoJek It’s great for short trips and inexpensive too. It was about 1 USD each way.

How did it work out to be a success? Mind you this was not our first time “traveling” with our malamutes because we take them everywhere for day trips. But we had never taken them overnight except to family homes-certainly never to a very nice hotel. What we didn’t realize is how very social and astute our malamutes are and how easily they assimilate their natures into coexisting in a public environment if travel insurance you but give them the opportunity to prove themselves. We deposited our belongings in a charming and rustic condo. It had views of the mountains, water, spectacular sunsets, fireplace, swimming pool and jacuzzi near our unit, excellent food service, and a beautifully tranquil and peaceful place to relax. Spring Creek Ranch is also a wildlife sanctuary. It sits at the north end of the town of Jackson Hole.