Phuket has grown into one of the premier holiday destinations in South East Asia and is one of the busiest travel destinations of Thailand. Six years ago, I met Bonnie and Cheryl at Gunflint, when my hiking partner and I decided to paddle part of our intended route rather than risk getting lost on the remote, unmarked and often obscure Border Route Trail These two knowledgeable, capable women were very helpful in outfitting us for our canoe trip, obtaining the last-minute permit, providing us with maps for our route, and picking travel insurance up the canoe (along with a surprise delivery of fresh strawberries) when we left the water a week later to hike the well-maintained Superior Trail I thoroughly enjoyed the paddling and portaging and knew I’d eventually return for more. The original building that now houses the St. Regis Florence was designed in 1432 by Filippo Brunelleschi, famed for his design of the dome of the city’s Duomo. Today, it brims with Murano-glass chandeliers and 16th-century frescoes, and it offers guests spectacular views of the Arno River.

A few days before our trip, COVID-19 was declared a global outbreak and most states were taking preventive actions such as suspending face to face classes, travel restrictions, raising awareness about wearing a mask and using hand sanitizers. Disney world had also closed temporarily. We were very confused if we should continue with our plan or not. If we were to cancel our plan, it would have cost us $500 atleast as we had purchased non-refundable tickets. Also at that time, no one was taking this condition “seriously”. It is better to be prepared than never. Always remember that you are traveling alone, therefore there is no one to easily ask help from incase something urgent comes up during the trip. Additional Recommended Transportation- If you’re traveling solo and don’t mind riding on the back of a moped or motorcycle try GoJek It’s great for short trips and inexpensive too. It was about 1 USD each way.