cozy vole in my house

Also known as field mice, voles usually invade the yard and damage vegetation. . Occasionally, voles eat snails, insects and animal remains.Voles prefer eating plant materials and generally don't do well indoors. You might end up with a vole in the house if you have cats and occasionally during very cold weather. Catching and removing the vole is more straightforward . Nov 10, 2017 - During the winter months, a wide variety of rodents can become a problem. . mice and rats, there are also moles and voles to also deal with and the damage . The rodent you are likely most familiar with is 'The house mouse. Jump to INSTALL A BARN OWL HOUSE - Once an owl moves in your house out in the yard, they'll remove unwanted rodents every night when they feed. Jump to Understanding the Vole - Voles live for six months to a year and are active year round. They are extremely prolific when it comes to breeding. Voles are small mammals that are active both above and underneath the ground. small cracks or holes around the siding, foundation or roof of your house. Moles and voles may be out of sight, but they'll be on your mind when they begin to damage . nests beneath perennials, eating out a portion of the roots to carve a cozy niche. . This Natural DIY Hack is the Best Way to Prevent House Mice. Oct 6, 2017 - And if your home's open for business, you may find some new little tenants setting . Moles and voles prefer the deep, dark tunnels they make in your . If you're not comfortable setting traps and handling animals, call in a pest . Nov 17, 2012 - If you see a vole in the basement, don't assume it's a house mouse that . Much as they love a cozy nest of mulch and rose roots, they hate the .