Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is also hailed a major travel destination. On the afternoon of the first day, we had to stop working because it was raining and the ground was too muddy, so we went for a short jungle hike in the rain. I also went for a 2 hour hike late one afternoon which I really enjoyed, so different from the high desert area where I live. On the morning of the last day, we went to see a couple of waterfalls. When we arrived at the parking area it started raining, so we all bought “ponchos” made out of sheets of plastic (for $.50) so we wouldn’t get wet. We hiked up about 10 minutes to the first falls and were enjoying the view when we noticed a sign that said “secret cave”, with an arrow pointing towards the falls. Of course we had to check it out so took off our ponchos and waded out into the pond towards the falls. It turned out that the cave was under the waterfalls, so we dived in and enjoyed going behind the falls and playing in the water. Fortunately the water was fairly warm and in spite of the light rain on and off, it wasn’t too cold, even though we were soaking wet.

There are some places you will blend in and others where you will stand out no matter what you do. Both can work in your favor. The problem is not in looking like a tourist which you can’t always control. The real problem is looking clueless, scared, and gullible. These are the types of tourists that bad people are looking to take advantage of. You can beat a lot of this with common travel insurance sense and a little planning before you go on your trip. Centrally located in Kensington, the Milestone Hotel & Residences benefits from its home in a pair of atmospheric, late-19th-century former mansions: rooms are individually designed so no two are alike. All guests can expect unique antique furnishings, fresh flowers, and, in some rooms, views over Kensington Palace and Gardens.